DIY Lazy Susan

For the Pen Hoarder Crafter

Do you have too many pens, pencils, and markers? Are they scattered to the four corners of your desk drawer? If you are like me, they might even be scattered to the four corners of your humble abode.

I was getting tired of digging through this drawer, that bag, etc. to find the perfect dark purple fine-tip permanent marker to complement the perfect bright pink highlighter.

Enter Pinterest. And this idea, which got me thinking of upcycling and easier (cheaper) ways to accomplish the same idea. Which is weird. I am usually the one that takes the easy way and changes it into something complex. But I did not want complex this time, and I wanted something that would hold a lot more than a few markers.

In the living room, I have a dollar store pen cup overflowing with pens, which gave me the idea to clean up and dress up soup cans to fashion my own lazy susan. I first thought about painting the cans, but I am a quilter, so it was more natural for me to sew little wraps for each can.

I started with this lazy susan from IKEA.

I measured the cans that I had, bottom to top lip and then around the middle of the can to get the dimensions I would need to make the wraps. Then I dug through my scrap bin to find my favorites. Purple, of course. Cut your fabric with a half inch extra on the length for seam allowance, and half an inch extra on the height for hems. Iron your top and bottom edges both a quarter of an inch and stitch to create a finished hem. With right sides together, stitch ends closed with a 1/4″ seam. Turn right side out and place over can. It will be tight but should still slide easily on.

To dampen the sound of dropping pens and markers into the can, I cut out circles of craft foam to place in the bottoms. The easiest way to do this is to press the upside down can into the foam and then cutting on the mark left. Insert the foam once the can is screwed to the lazy susan board.

Once I had the number of cans laid out in positions that I liked, I numbered the cans and drilled holes through the center of the bottom, and then shallowly into the lazy susan, using the can as a guide. Add some short screws and voilà! Now when you spin it, the cans don’t go flying off, scattering your newly corralled pens to the four corners of your craft space. (No, of course it didn’t happen! …more than twice…)

And that is it. Seriously easy. And kinda fun. Now, fill it up with pens, pencils, colored pens, paint markers, permanent markers, colored pencils, paint brushes, small quilting rulers, scissors, scratch paper…



She-zam! Ta-da! You get the picture.

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